I DO NOT Give Free Readings

I do not give free readings. Many of you have private messaged me and asked. I'm sorry, I am truly. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Burnout. The amount of people asking for free readings is endless. Readings take time and energy and as a human being I have limited amounts of each. Money is a respected boundary.
  2. It is in my experience that those I have given free readings to in the past do not respect the message given through me from Spirit.
  3. I gotta eat and pay bills. Fact of the matter is I've worked at my psychic abilities for over 10 years now. Should I not get paid for something I've worked hard to develop? I love what I do and love helping people, but we still live in a world where basic living comes at a cost.

I love you all. Please forgive me for not giving free readings. I want to help you all, but like you, I'm human and I cannot survive in the current U.S. culture on only praise and gratitude. Please understand. Thank you.

Sea of Diamonds

It is interesting to me about what I feel enlightenment is versus what I think it is. I think enlightenment  requires us to move away and unattach ourselves from people and worldly possessions in order to find inner peace and understanding. What I feel enlightenment is, is more of a guideline for all people to in the world, but not of the world. All possessions, emotions, experiences, etc. are impermanent; to be learned from but not to be held on to and to enjoy but to ultimately release. This is where love and compassion play their roles because loving ourselves and others enough to be part of the flow of life peacefully without allowing ourselves to be caught in the illusion of attachment, we grant ourselves true liberation.

Consider it like holding on to a fistful of diamonds. These diamonds are important to you because they represent parts of who you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and materialistically. We hold on to these diamonds, identifying, "this is me." Over time some of the diamonds fall out of our hands and we end up picking up new ones and this happens throughout lifetimes. What we often miss is that we are always standing in an ocean of diamonds just beneath our feet, but are often too busy cradling the diamonds in our hands or seeking specific diamonds to notice. It takes courage to look beyond our hands. Make no mistake, the sea of diamonds does not invalidate or make worthless  the diamonds you are holding or identify with currently. On the contrary! They brought you to where you are so you could see the sea of diamonds for yourself.

My Beliefs About The Third Eye Chakra

Person Eye

I have seen a lot of posts recently about the third eye chakra and I just wanted to share my beliefs and knowledge on the subject.

  1. The third eye is already open and has been open since having been born/reborn. It does not need to be opened to experience a spiritual experience. We become aware of awareness, which could be considered an "opening" but it has always been there and open whether you we aware of it or not. Using spiritual practices, we become more strongly aware of our awareness. Some drugs have a similar effect but I do not condone such action.
  2. While psychic awareness is great, we have an entire chakra system which may be also in need of balancing. I used to be very third eye focused when I started on my spiritual path, but I realized that in order to have a more stable third eye awareness, I needed to work on the chakras lower and the one higher in order to have a stronger spiritual experiences. I feel there may be a tendency to be very third eye focused for many.
  3. I have seen a few posts about people seeking to open their third eye wider or to have a stronger experience. The best way in my opinion to have a stronger spiritual experience naturally, is to take a few minutes every day to breathe in and out for each chakra point and visualize or feel each chakra point open for each inhale and exhale you do. (If you feel dizzy, light-headed, etc. please stop and try again later. I want no one passing out.) Practice makes perfect and what you are doing is building awareness of your energy with this basic practice. Also by doing this, you become more attuned to intuitive visions and energies.
  4. A chakra that is blocked does not mean it is not flowing at all. It may just mean it is flowing a lot less or not as well than what it could be because of an issue. I get the the feeling that some feel a blocked chakra is a completely closed chakra.
  5. Decalisfying your pineal gland or third eye - while I have never tried these activities myself, I would be interested in trying them.
Please do not take my word as gospel. I am simply sharing my beliefs which I have experienced over my spiritual journey of 11 years and counting working with myself and other people. If you agree or disagree, awesome. Please tell me your thoughts on the spiritual energy system and your beliefs. I am open to new experiences and thoughts/beliefs. :)

Thank you,
Psychic Alex J.

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Live Now

Another day. Today feels much different than yesterday. Yesterday I had low energy, depression, anger, helplessness, etc. I did a nice ritual last night and meditated this morning. This morning I feel energized, alive, happy, motivated, loving, etc. We always have the choice to transform our vibrations from lower to higher or higher to lower. We aren’t helpless. Sometimes we just simply need to give ourselves the ability to acknowledge where we are and how we feel and do what we feel is best. Sometimes, by setting our eyes to the future, it can cause sadness by virtue of seeing all we need to do in order to reach that future point. Happiness is in the present. Experience the now. Accept the now. Appreciate now.

For Clarity: Personal Psychic Mythbusters

Recently there are a few things that have come to my attention about some misconceptions about who I am as a psychic and what I can do. I write this to bring some clarity.

Are You For Real?
Yes, I am a genuine psychic. I’ve asked myself this question many times. I now have ten years and counting of experience and I’ve had a lot of self-doubt over the years. Imagine being able to see images and experience feelings which are not your own. Psychic abilities (which everyone has, but very few work with actively) does not come with an instruction manual. Many of the methods/modalities available to the public have been developed out of trial and error in combination with Spirit’s guidance. The proof is in the pudding. Over the years, the messages I’ve given have been accurate and helpful and my work with others reflects that. Many people do not trust psychics because of the actions of either frauds who claim to be psychic or people misunderstood the messages given to them by genuine psychics and so, see us as frauds. The only way to truly determine if a psychic is good is to actually get a reading with a psychic. If their messages make you fearful and/or are inaccurate, the psychic is not connected to a high energy or are only looking to make a buck off of you. Most psychics charge for their service; money is an energy, but if the psychic is telling you that you have a curse on you and that if you pay $200, they can remove the curse, they are not legitimate. I have never told anyone that they are cursed or come across anyone who is cursed. If their messages are accurate and/or helpful then they are a good fit for you.

Do You Talk To Demons or Evil Energies?
No. Absolutely not. In my experience, the images I see and the feelings I experience from others and from Spirit, have always been of love and to assist clients for their best and highest good. I have never actively sought out to speak to evil or malicious energies. When I first started working with Spirit actively, I asked God/Spirit, my spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to protect me from evil or negative or evil energies and to only work with energies that serve mine and my clients best and highest good. In my experience, there is no such thing as evil energies just those who are deeply misunderstood, lost, or confused. That isn’t to say those particular energies can’t do harm, they certainly can. Those are the energies I am protected from. 

Do You Tell People When They Are Going To Die?
No. I made an agreement with my higher guidance that I don’t want to see or be shown any of that. I feel that everyone chooses when they die and that is an agreement we all make with Spirit.

You Can Read People Over The Phone or Over Skype? 

Yes, all energy is connected. I’ve read people all over the world by phone, Skype, or and even text message. Distance is no obstacle for me, however, it may be for others.

Can You Read People At Any Time?

No. I only read those who have asked for a reading. Doing otherwise does not serve either of our best and highest goods. I also do not read minds.

I hope this gives some needed clarity. Be well. 🙂

The Mindset of "Try"

I felt my conscious slowly trying to make it's way to the surface from the depths of my sleep this morning. As I was rising back into my body, I had an interesting dialogue between my spirit and my mind. It went something like this:

Spirit: Here we go again. (Happily, but wise)

Mind: Yes, yes I'm gonna try and it's gonna be really good (meaning to try to be successful, happy, etc)!

Spirit: You  say "try" a lot. By "trying" you're not setting yourself for success. By saying "try" you give yourself two options; success or failure. By doing something you actually succeed no matter what because even if you fail, you still learn something. Do, don't try.

I realize doing and trying can be seen as one in the same, but I'm not here to have a solo semantics debate. I'm here to say that the intention we put behind doing something is much stronger than trying to do something. I'll give you a few personal examples. I try to exercise every day then I end up skipping days because I get home after a day of being out and I'm tried or I just don't want to. I'll try to meditate for longer periods to get more insights and spiritual breakthroughs and I'll end up meditating for 20 minutes and then binge-watch Bob's Burgers. I know I'm not alone in this struggle. I have a lack of focus and dedication that I'm really trying hard to work on. I'm getting over what I call my lazy hump on a daily basis. Our goal is the boulder from the Myth of Sisyphus and the hill we are pushing it up is our own hump. This hump is an emotional and mental build up of all those sentiments of "I'm tired, I'm sad, I just can't today, it's too hard, just no, it's too much work, etc." 

Just do it. Do whatever you set you mind to accomplish your dream or desire. The more we let our lazy humps keep us from doing something, the larger the hump gets because it becomes a cycle of self-defeat. We don't have to accomplish all what we are trying to in a single day, but we can accomplish one or more steps to achieving our goal daily. So today my goal was to write this blog post, go to Spot Coffee on Hertel Ave. to offer psychic readings/spiritual life coach consultations, go home, exercise, and order a pizza. I'm doing it! What are you going to do today? :)

The Spiritual Impact of Keeping Silent

When I first started on my spiritual path, I could not shut up about it. Everything was energies this, crystals that, this chakra was open, this one was not, etc. My friends can attest to this and one friend even had a sit-down conversation about how not everything was spiritually-related and that I should really ease up on the "spiritual thing."

Telling people things can have a great impact; informing people about their rights, sharing new and improved medical breakthroughs, letting someone know you care, warning them of the dangers and joys of life, etc. Telling something to someone can can positively and negatively affect someone. 

What about not saying anything, specifically in the realm of the spiritual? I’ve found that sometimes not telling anyone about a process I’m working through makes it that much more powerful. There is a sacredness in keeping silent. Not everything that happens between spirit and I needs to be known by those I care about. Whether it’s a ritual I’ve done, a certain kind of meditation, a certain technique I’ve developed for achieving something, etc. it doesn't always need to be shared in order to have power, in fact, quite the opposite. 

I used to believe the more I told people about my spiritual experiences, the more they would become more constant. I thought I was telling the universe I was seeking more of those experiences by telling people about them (the jury is still out about that). The reality of the situation for me was, it felt like after I told someone the experience's intensity faded, instead of being held in joyous silence. Perhaps it depends on the person you tell. 

It’s like having a lover and then telling your friends everything about that lover. Some people don’t mind sharing, but some people just like to keep some things between each other. It’s a preference to be sure. I’m just saying I’ve learned to not only be careful about how and what I share, but I’ve also become mindful of the fact that I don’t need to share everything.

I'm not saying people shouldn't share. It really comes down to your own intuitive discretion. If you feel as if you can share an experience with someone without the experience fading, then by all means. If not, that's okay too. Your relation to spirit is just as valid as anyone else's. Have a great weekend. 

The Four Energetic Bodies

As I understand it, there are four bodies of vibration or energetic bodies which make up our existence. Everything in the universe vibrates. Science has proven this. These four bodies from lowest vibrational state to highest are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have broken these four vibrational levels down into four types in order to explain each but in reality, they are all connected to each other and affect one another as well as work together. All four energetic bodies are receptive and creative.

The physical body is everything we can sense and experience with one or all five senses. The physical body and how we live in the physical world affects the other three energetic bodies; mental, emotional, and spiritual. Those other three energetic bodies also affect the physical body and our perception of physical reality.

The mental vibration is all this thought-related. Thought-forms can occur or arise from any of the other energetic levels. Imagine that the mind is simply the projection screen wherein all the other energetic frequencies are shown. It could also be considered like a straw in which all experiences are flowing through, examined, remembered, recalled, and categorized.

Emotional energy is the vibration of secondary motivation. It is secondary because feelings are evoked. The source or where they are evoked from within us is spirit; the primary motivation.

As mentioned, spirit is the primary motivator. It is the essence or energy which receives and responds or creates all lower vibrations best fitting its karma. It is a creative force is the way of manifesting what is asked of it. This asking is mostly done on a subconscious level which is why there is so much frustration and anger around those who feel they have failed at manifesting what they seek. Spirit acts in accordance with primary and secondary karma which will be discussed next.

In An Ocean of Emotion: A Liferaft

I woke up this morning blasted by less than positive emotions; sadness, anger, depression, frustration, etc. I had no reason to feel these things. My life right now is pretty good. I had a three amazing readings recently, had a great weekend, talked with some great people, and ate good food. Again, no reason to feel those lowly emotions. I can claim the frustration as partially mine mostly because I was suddenly thrown into emotional chaos for no reason that I understood. I continued to do what I normally do in the morning; say good morning to my guides, turn on my phone, and check my email and social media. As I understand it, I was picking up on all the emotional energy of many of those around me; my friend posted on Facebook that she was having a bad day, my mom dealing with her pain after hurting herself, another friend frustrated by their relationship currently, etc. As an empath, feeling all these things with no cause, is frustrating so I decided to do something about it.

First, I asked my spirit guides to cut and clear the energy. That alone gave me the energy to calm down and focus on the next thing I felt I needed. Spirit guides are there to serve our best and highest good. Being overwhelmed by emotional mayhem that isn't yours serves no one and no one should carry that burden. I will also say that you receiving that emotional energy from anyone, isn't their fault, but there is something you can do about it. I also asked my guides to protect me from the emotional energy that was not mine.

Second, I put on my obsidian pendant. Obsidian absorbs negative energy from the person wearing it and from the area surrounding the person. Think of it like a sponge for you personally, and a secondary shield that protects you from other people's emotions. Now, I'm the biggest skeptic in my life. I am aware of the placebo effect and if that's what wearing this pendant is doing for me, that's great. It is working and that is all that matters. Interesting story, I was doing a psychic reading for a client recently and they were all upset about something that did not involve them at all. My intuition told me to let this person hold my pendant. Amazingly, the person almost instantly stopped being upset. It happened so quickly in fact that it left me in awe and caught the person quite off-guard I felt. The person said they could feel all the sadness travel from her, down her arm, and into the stone. It was the coolest thing! I then told the person where to get some obsidian to wear or keep in their pocket.

Lastly, I cleaned my apartment. Cleaning moves energy. It moves old energy and brings in new. I scrubbed the dirty dishes, picked up the clutter, and organized. Who can say when they live in a clean space, that they do not feel better? :-)

Now, I'm writing my first blog post on my page in order to help all the empaths out there and there are many. I hope this helps and also gives you some insight in your life.

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Get deep intuitive insights about your love life, your job, your life's direction, and much, much more. Get healing information...