"I'm Not Into That Kinda Stuff": How I Conduct Business

"I'm not into that kinda stuff."

This is a phrase I've heard often in my line of work. The people that use this phrase are typically people who are brought by someone who is interested in having a psychic or tarot reading. To me, it serves it's purpose; an energetic stop sign followed by skepticism or fear.

I'm here to say that I'm totally cool with that. I respect that. There is no reason to fear that I'm going to read you or give you a message unless you ask for one.

Unfortunately, people have had the experience of psychic's randomly approaching them telling them something about their lives, their future, or that their great aunt has a message for them from the other side. 

This kind of conduct is both rude and an invasion of privacy I feel. The person may not want the message, whatever it's about, and it may upset them. I have no desire to upset anyone. I am not for it or condone it. I am not after your money either but I do feel that compensation is fair if I'm giving my time and energy to assist you.

I only read those who express that they wish to be read.

Thank you,
Alex J.

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First Lucid Dreaming Experience

Good morning,
I’ve been trying to lucid dream for a little bit now. I’ve also been trying to astral project but last night was the first time I’ve had some success with lucid dreaming. It’s a small experience but any success is valuable when you haven’t had any.

Now the unfortunate part of this experience was I became lucid just as my mom and I were in a car crash on the highway in a bad rainstorm. 

 When I realized I was dreaming, I was glad. My mom and I weren’t going to die in a car accident. Simultaneously I started flying which sort of scared me. I have Cerebral Palsy and walk on forearm crutches so any shift in gravity tends to freak me out. Also when I realized I was dreaming I got the sense of tingles like goosebumps all over my body along with the awareness of my body in bed while still in the dream. All of these stimuli all at once was a lot to handle and I ended up waking myself up because of it. 

Small successes, right? 🙂

Spirit and Ice Cream

As a psychic, I often forget but am gently reminded that Spirit, does not give messages to throw us off. Often times in readings the oddest details come up and the message clear: this is the client's ice cream flavor I'm serving and Spirit is my supplier. It doesn't have to make sense to me.

The messages that come through my consciousness, hardly ever make logical sense, but Spirit doesn't operate (for me) logically. Spirit operates through feelings and images all strung together with the intent of providing a message through love.

 Anyone who has had a reading with me knows I often ask, "does that make sense?" ;-)

So, maybe your spirit flavor is vanilla, maybe it's chocolate, or maybe it's moose tracks. In any case, Spirit isn't going to serve you vanilla one minute and hot fudge the next.

 It may give you a taste of french vanilla after a bite of vanilla, but no matter what Spirit knows both me and the clients I read. I trust it to serve the flavors needed to support our best and highest good.

Casino Of Life

Your family welcomes you at the sliding glass doors and your overtaken by bright colors flashing lights, sounds, buzzers, bells, and the smells of a variety of foods.  The security guard gives you a wink and tells you to have a good time. Your money pouch is full of time. Your family takes you by the hand.  They lead you through the main part of this magical place and teach you how to play some of the games.

Your loved ones also take you to the buffet which has every food in the world. They may encourage you to try different foods while you are here, or may you decide to try some on your own. Either way, you learn what you like to eat, what's good for you, and what's not so food for you.

First, there was the card game of First Words where you learned how to talk, then there was the slot machine game of Potty Training which didn't pay well at first, but the longer and longer you played, the more it paid off. You put your time down and play for each game. Your parents lead you to your a card game called School and show you how to play. There are a lot of people at this table. In this game you play against the house but you have the option to play with or against other people at the table. You spend a lot of time here and make some good friends and perhaps even an enemy or two, but another game catches your eye; Driving.

You promise your you'll come back to School and play more, but right now you're interested to see what Driving has to offer. You go over and initially it seems very intimidating; big screen with a drivers seat and steering wheel. You're nervous, but you sit down at the game and play anyway knowing that it will help you get to to and from other games faster. You put in your time and learn the rules. Your loved ones sit next to you to guide you along, making sure you're safe. You learn all about car insurance, what kinds of cars you like, paying fines, etc.

A little later, you walk away from this game happy that you now potentially have faster access to other games in this casino. You go back to the School table and play a few more hands there. As you leave that table for what feels like the last time, you say goodbye to some friends and see you later to some others. You eventually find the Love and Relationships table which is a slot machine which you've played on and off. Sometimes you won and found a great match. Sometimes you lost and there was no one. Other times you won a mini-game called a Fling, and sometimes you may have won the jackpot; the Soulmate. You may have spent a lot of time here at the casino.

You see other games like College and Having Kids. You may or may not do these things. Those games determine whether or not other games open to you such as Parenting or Becoming a Doctor.

You eventually come across a slot game called Work which can pay consistently depending how you play. This machine also can take lots of your time but pays credits toward a game called Home of Your Own. Home Of Your Own is a card game which depending on how many credits you have from the Work game, determines what kind of home you live in, what kind of car you drive, etc. Your love ones can give you some of their credit that they've earned to help if they want. A portion of your credit can go toward the Retirement game as well. You notice your parents have been eyeing the Retirement table themselves. Eventually you don't see them on the game floor anymore. It's okay.

You realize you's spent a lot of time and you may have gone to or gone back to the College or Having Kids games. Your Work game character may change the more time you put in as well as your Home and the things within it. You still spend time at the Love and Relationships game trying to win or winning the Moments of Romance mini-game. You occasionally see your family playing their games and you visit with them. You may spend a lot of time on them too. Depending on your options and how much time you have spent you may play the Grandkids game too where you see many grandparents teaching there grand kids things, take care of them, and spoiling them.

You and potentially your significant other eventually reach the Retirement game which is nice, easy card game which can potentially give you credit toward many of the previous other games like Travel, Home of Your Own, Driving, etc. It also gives you time to reflect on all you've experienced. Your time is running out, but that's okay. You spend time enjoying the games and people around you. You may play the Write A Will game at this point because you care about your loved ones.

You've now run out of time. Your pouch is empty. You get up to leave. Your parents and all your loved ones meet you back at the sliding glass doors where you started. Someone else is there too they ask if you had a good time. They are the casino owner. Depending on what you played and how you played determines your answer. "I built this place because I love you and I've been watching you" says the owner, "It's always wonderful to watch people play no matter what they play or how." The owner smiles. "No matter what, you always get something out of playing here and I'm always here if you need anything. Play here again, won't you?"

What's Your Relationship with Love Itself?

What is your relationship with love? 

This was the question that occurred to me this morning as I was sitting on my couch this morning, sipping my coffee in my underwear. I honestly had never really considered such a question. Love is just a thing we do, right?

People do, fix, and fixate. We spend a lot of time doing life. Just like for me this morning. I got up, put on my underwear, and made coffee so I could be awake and ready for the day. I've done this a million times before. It's second-nature now. When we have problems of any kind; relationship, financial, career, among others we fixate on these issues even if its just in the back of our minds all day long.

How often though do we actually appreciate what we have, what we've been through, the people in our lives, etc.? Often times I find myself just doing and not leaving time to appreciate. Beyond that, I'm not giving myself the time to realize how much I actually have. This puts me at a distance with love in a way. To appreciate and feel kindness for the people in my life, the experiences I've had in my life, etc. allows me to bring more experiences and people into my life with love and joy.

Many times throughout my life like many others, I was told, "be nice." We are told this among other lessons. Being polite and nice become things we do. Sometimes we just don't want to exert that extra energy to be nice but we do anyway. This is where we get those reflex responses of, "good" when you're really not when someone asks,"how are you?" My point here being that by cultivating more love and appreciation, you can live more authentically. Love and appreciation gives us energy but also opens doors of possibilities and new connections with others as well as yourself.

Admittedly, I'm cynical/doubtful when other spiritual people say things like, "I have unconditional love for..." or "I love you all!" Um...you don't know me(?) and if you really did know me or many of the other people you're addressing on a grand scale would you really love us? Again, practicing appreciation and love quiets this inner cynicism and doubt.

Lastly, fear can't hold you if are in a state of love. Love is a state of allowance and flow. Nothing can stick or attach itself to you if you are in a state of love.

So my question to you all for the day is, what is your relationship with love itself?

Have a great day! :)
Alex J.

The Art of Doing Nothing

Some days I don't feel spiritual. I have knowledge and know I can do practices (meditations, visualizations, prayers, etc.) but my heart isn't in it. Then guilt sets in: "Am I a bad spiritual person? Am I hurting myself spiritually by not practicing daily? Am I setting myself back from reaching my full potential?" Despite sounding convenient, probably not. If I'm not emotionally invested in what I'm doing spiritually, the energy is going to feel the same; dry, boring, and/or forced. Instead of falling prey to guilt, having the understanding that I'm human and that I have off days like everyone else is humbling. I could jump the hoops of asking, "Do I have a energetic block?" but I follow the energetic flow that is my feelings which say, it's okay, just be Alex today. My spirit guides laugh at me often because I overthink situations. You can't fix what's not broken. My psychic abilities are working and can be of service to others, I'm just not in the spiritual mood and that's okay.

Have a good day. :)

A Message to Beginners and Seasoned Practitioners

Along my spiritual journey I have wanted very badly to improve my psychic abilities. Many times I would become frustrated over periods of time because I had not developed the psychic skills I sought for. I wanted to be able to see spirits with my physical sight, to hear spirits with my physical ears, etc. I wanted to be a very strong psychic and medium so that I could help the living and those who have passed. I succeeded in becoming a psychic and medium and have been reading for 12 years now. I'm happy with the work I do, but I'm always looking to become stronger spiritually.

Grayscale Photography of Man Sitting on Grass FieldI was reminded today during and after my meditation, that there is a reason why physical reality is so "loud" and why subtle or energetic reality is so "quiet." We are physical beings. I know, it's not a mind-blowing insight, far from. In order to be of effective service we need to take care of ourselves as physical beings. That said, the more we pay attention to the subtle/intuitive impressions the stronger our awareness of those impressions becomes. Sometimes it feels like I am either on one side or the other; living physically or living energetically. The balancing act is tricky but getting better day by day.

I'm writing this as a reminder to those who practice or are new, not to give up or get discouraged. The art of the psychic world is one of patience with yourself, the willingness to learn, the willingness to try, and being willing to be wrong. One of the best teachers is yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Let your ego have it's tantrums, acknowledge them and move on with a smile. The more you can be patient with yourself as well as willing to learn to receive, the more you will grow spiritually.

Thank you.

Alex J.

I DO NOT Give Free Readings

I do not give free readings. Many of you have private messaged me and asked. I'm sorry, I am truly. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Burnout. The amount of people asking for free readings is endless. Readings take time and energy and as a human being I have limited amounts of each. Money is a respected boundary.
  2. It is in my experience that those I have given free readings to in the past do not respect the message given through me from Spirit.
  3. I gotta eat and pay bills. Fact of the matter is I've worked at my psychic abilities for over 10 years now. Should I not get paid for something I've worked hard to develop? I love what I do and love helping people, but we still live in a world where basic living comes at a cost.

I love you all. Please forgive me for not giving free readings. I want to help you all, but like you, I'm human and I cannot survive in the current U.S. culture on only praise and gratitude. Please understand. Thank you.

Sea of Diamonds

It is interesting to me about what I feel enlightenment is versus what I think it is. I think enlightenment  requires us to move away and unattach ourselves from people and worldly possessions in order to find inner peace and understanding. What I feel enlightenment is, is more of a guideline for all people to in the world, but not of the world. All possessions, emotions, experiences, etc. are impermanent; to be learned from but not to be held on to and to enjoy but to ultimately release. This is where love and compassion play their roles because loving ourselves and others enough to be part of the flow of life peacefully without allowing ourselves to be caught in the illusion of attachment, we grant ourselves true liberation.

Consider it like holding on to a fistful of diamonds. These diamonds are important to you because they represent parts of who you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and materialistically. We hold on to these diamonds, identifying, "this is me." Over time some of the diamonds fall out of our hands and we end up picking up new ones and this happens throughout lifetimes. What we often miss is that we are always standing in an ocean of diamonds just beneath our feet, but are often too busy cradling the diamonds in our hands or seeking specific diamonds to notice. It takes courage to look beyond our hands. Make no mistake, the sea of diamonds does not invalidate or make worthless  the diamonds you are holding or identify with currently. On the contrary! They brought you to where you are so you could see the sea of diamonds for yourself.

My Beliefs About The Third Eye Chakra

Person Eye

I have seen a lot of posts recently about the third eye chakra and I just wanted to share my beliefs and knowledge on the subject.

  1. The third eye is already open and has been open since having been born/reborn. It does not need to be opened to experience a spiritual experience. We become aware of awareness, which could be considered an "opening" but it has always been there and open whether you we aware of it or not. Using spiritual practices, we become more strongly aware of our awareness. Some drugs have a similar effect but I do not condone such action.
  2. While psychic awareness is great, we have an entire chakra system which may be also in need of balancing. I used to be very third eye focused when I started on my spiritual path, but I realized that in order to have a more stable third eye awareness, I needed to work on the chakras lower and the one higher in order to have a stronger spiritual experiences. I feel there may be a tendency to be very third eye focused for many.
  3. I have seen a few posts about people seeking to open their third eye wider or to have a stronger experience. The best way in my opinion to have a stronger spiritual experience naturally, is to take a few minutes every day to breathe in and out for each chakra point and visualize or feel each chakra point open for each inhale and exhale you do. (If you feel dizzy, light-headed, etc. please stop and try again later. I want no one passing out.) Practice makes perfect and what you are doing is building awareness of your energy with this basic practice. Also by doing this, you become more attuned to intuitive visions and energies.
  4. A chakra that is blocked does not mean it is not flowing at all. It may just mean it is flowing a lot less or not as well than what it could be because of an issue. I get the the feeling that some feel a blocked chakra is a completely closed chakra.
  5. Decalisfying your pineal gland or third eye - while I have never tried these activities myself, I would be interested in trying them.
Please do not take my word as gospel. I am simply sharing my beliefs which I have experienced over my spiritual journey of 11 years and counting working with myself and other people. If you agree or disagree, awesome. Please tell me your thoughts on the spiritual energy system and your beliefs. I am open to new experiences and thoughts/beliefs. :)

Thank you,
Psychic Alex J.

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