In An Ocean of Emotion: A Liferaft

I woke up this morning blasted by less than positive emotions; sadness, anger, depression, frustration, etc. I had no reason to feel these things. My life right now is pretty good. I had a three amazing readings recently, had a great weekend, talked with some great people, and ate good food. Again, no reason to feel those lowly emotions. I can claim the frustration as partially mine mostly because I was suddenly thrown into emotional chaos for no reason that I understood. I continued to do what I normally do in the morning; say good morning to my guides, turn on my phone, and check my email and social media. As I understand it, I was picking up on all the emotional energy of many of those around me; my friend posted on Facebook that she was having a bad day, my mom dealing with her pain after hurting herself, another friend frustrated by their relationship currently, etc. As an empath, feeling all these things with no cause, is frustrating so I decided to do something about it.

First, I asked my spirit guides to cut and clear the energy. That alone gave me the energy to calm down and focus on the next thing I felt I needed. Spirit guides are there to serve our best and highest good. Being overwhelmed by emotional mayhem that isn't yours serves no one and no one should carry that burden. I will also say that you receiving that emotional energy from anyone, isn't their fault, but there is something you can do about it. I also asked my guides to protect me from the emotional energy that was not mine.

Second, I put on my obsidian pendant. Obsidian absorbs negative energy from the person wearing it and from the area surrounding the person. Think of it like a sponge for you personally, and a secondary shield that protects you from other people's emotions. Now, I'm the biggest skeptic in my life. I am aware of the placebo effect and if that's what wearing this pendant is doing for me, that's great. It is working and that is all that matters. Interesting story, I was doing a psychic reading for a client recently and they were all upset about something that did not involve them at all. My intuition told me to let this person hold my pendant. Amazingly, the person almost instantly stopped being upset. It happened so quickly in fact that it left me in awe and caught the person quite off-guard I felt. The person said they could feel all the sadness travel from her, down her arm, and into the stone. It was the coolest thing! I then told the person where to get some obsidian to wear or keep in their pocket.

Lastly, I cleaned my apartment. Cleaning moves energy. It moves old energy and brings in new. I scrubbed the dirty dishes, picked up the clutter, and organized. Who can say when they live in a clean space, that they do not feel better? :-)

Now, I'm writing my first blog post on my page in order to help all the empaths out there and there are many. I hope this helps and also gives you some insight in your life.

Alex Insight