The Four Energetic Bodies

As I understand it, there are four bodies of vibration or energetic bodies which make up our existence. Everything in the universe vibrates. Science has proven this. These four bodies from lowest vibrational state to highest are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have broken these four vibrational levels down into four types in order to explain each but in reality, they are all connected to each other and affect one another as well as work together. All four energetic bodies are receptive and creative.

The physical body is everything we can sense and experience with one or all five senses. The physical body and how we live in the physical world affects the other three energetic bodies; mental, emotional, and spiritual. Those other three energetic bodies also affect the physical body and our perception of physical reality.

The mental vibration is all this thought-related. Thought-forms can occur or arise from any of the other energetic levels. Imagine that the mind is simply the projection screen wherein all the other energetic frequencies are shown. It could also be considered like a straw in which all experiences are flowing through, examined, remembered, recalled, and categorized.

Emotional energy is the vibration of secondary motivation. It is secondary because feelings are evoked. The source or where they are evoked from within us is spirit; the primary motivation.

As mentioned, spirit is the primary motivator. It is the essence or energy which receives and responds or creates all lower vibrations best fitting its karma. It is a creative force is the way of manifesting what is asked of it. This asking is mostly done on a subconscious level which is why there is so much frustration and anger around those who feel they have failed at manifesting what they seek. Spirit acts in accordance with primary and secondary karma which will be discussed next.