The Spiritual Impact of Keeping Silent

When I first started on my spiritual path, I could not shut up about it. Everything was energies this, crystals that, this chakra was open, this one was not, etc. My friends can attest to this and one friend even had a sit-down conversation about how not everything was spiritually-related and that I should really ease up on the "spiritual thing."

Telling people things can have a great impact; informing people about their rights, sharing new and improved medical breakthroughs, letting someone know you care, warning them of the dangers and joys of life, etc. Telling something to someone can can positively and negatively affect someone. 

What about not saying anything, specifically in the realm of the spiritual? I’ve found that sometimes not telling anyone about a process I’m working through makes it that much more powerful. There is a sacredness in keeping silent. Not everything that happens between spirit and I needs to be known by those I care about. Whether it’s a ritual I’ve done, a certain kind of meditation, a certain technique I’ve developed for achieving something, etc. it doesn't always need to be shared in order to have power, in fact, quite the opposite. 

I used to believe the more I told people about my spiritual experiences, the more they would become more constant. I thought I was telling the universe I was seeking more of those experiences by telling people about them (the jury is still out about that). The reality of the situation for me was, it felt like after I told someone the experience's intensity faded, instead of being held in joyous silence. Perhaps it depends on the person you tell. 

It’s like having a lover and then telling your friends everything about that lover. Some people don’t mind sharing, but some people just like to keep some things between each other. It’s a preference to be sure. I’m just saying I’ve learned to not only be careful about how and what I share, but I’ve also become mindful of the fact that I don’t need to share everything.

I'm not saying people shouldn't share. It really comes down to your own intuitive discretion. If you feel as if you can share an experience with someone without the experience fading, then by all means. If not, that's okay too. Your relation to spirit is just as valid as anyone else's. Have a great weekend.