The Mindset of "Try"

I felt my conscious slowly trying to make it's way to the surface from the depths of my sleep this morning. As I was rising back into my body, I had an interesting dialogue between my spirit and my mind. It went something like this:

Spirit: Here we go again. (Happily, but wise)

Mind: Yes, yes I'm gonna try and it's gonna be really good (meaning to try to be successful, happy, etc)!

Spirit: You  say "try" a lot. By "trying" you're not setting yourself for success. By saying "try" you give yourself two options; success or failure. By doing something you actually succeed no matter what because even if you fail, you still learn something. Do, don't try.

I realize doing and trying can be seen as one in the same, but I'm not here to have a solo semantics debate. I'm here to say that the intention we put behind doing something is much stronger than trying to do something. I'll give you a few personal examples. I try to exercise every day then I end up skipping days because I get home after a day of being out and I'm tried or I just don't want to. I'll try to meditate for longer periods to get more insights and spiritual breakthroughs and I'll end up meditating for 20 minutes and then binge-watch Bob's Burgers. I know I'm not alone in this struggle. I have a lack of focus and dedication that I'm really trying hard to work on. I'm getting over what I call my lazy hump on a daily basis. Our goal is the boulder from the Myth of Sisyphus and the hill we are pushing it up is our own hump. This hump is an emotional and mental build up of all those sentiments of "I'm tired, I'm sad, I just can't today, it's too hard, just no, it's too much work, etc." 

Just do it. Do whatever you set you mind to accomplish your dream or desire. The more we let our lazy humps keep us from doing something, the larger the hump gets because it becomes a cycle of self-defeat. We don't have to accomplish all what we are trying to in a single day, but we can accomplish one or more steps to achieving our goal daily. So today my goal was to write this blog post, go to Spot Coffee on Hertel Ave. to offer psychic readings/spiritual life coach consultations, go home, exercise, and order a pizza. I'm doing it! What are you going to do today? :)