For Clarity: Personal Psychic Mythbusters

Recently there are a few things that have come to my attention about some misconceptions about who I am as a psychic and what I can do. I write this to bring some clarity.

Are You For Real?
Yes, I am a genuine psychic. I’ve asked myself this question many times. I now have ten years and counting of experience and I’ve had a lot of self-doubt over the years. Imagine being able to see images and experience feelings which are not your own. Psychic abilities (which everyone has, but very few work with actively) does not come with an instruction manual. Many of the methods/modalities available to the public have been developed out of trial and error in combination with Spirit’s guidance. The proof is in the pudding. Over the years, the messages I’ve given have been accurate and helpful and my work with others reflects that. Many people do not trust psychics because of the actions of either frauds who claim to be psychic or people misunderstood the messages given to them by genuine psychics and so, see us as frauds. The only way to truly determine if a psychic is good is to actually get a reading with a psychic. If their messages make you fearful and/or are inaccurate, the psychic is not connected to a high energy or are only looking to make a buck off of you. Most psychics charge for their service; money is an energy, but if the psychic is telling you that you have a curse on you and that if you pay $200, they can remove the curse, they are not legitimate. I have never told anyone that they are cursed or come across anyone who is cursed. If their messages are accurate and/or helpful then they are a good fit for you.

Do You Talk To Demons or Evil Energies?
No. Absolutely not. In my experience, the images I see and the feelings I experience from others and from Spirit, have always been of love and to assist clients for their best and highest good. I have never actively sought out to speak to evil or malicious energies. When I first started working with Spirit actively, I asked God/Spirit, my spirit guides, angels, and ancestors to protect me from evil or negative or evil energies and to only work with energies that serve mine and my clients best and highest good. In my experience, there is no such thing as evil energies just those who are deeply misunderstood, lost, or confused. That isn’t to say those particular energies can’t do harm, they certainly can. Those are the energies I am protected from. 

Do You Tell People When They Are Going To Die?
No. I made an agreement with my higher guidance that I don’t want to see or be shown any of that. I feel that everyone chooses when they die and that is an agreement we all make with Spirit.

You Can Read People Over The Phone or Over Skype? 

Yes, all energy is connected. I’ve read people all over the world by phone, Skype, or and even text message. Distance is no obstacle for me, however, it may be for others.

Can You Read People At Any Time?

No. I only read those who have asked for a reading. Doing otherwise does not serve either of our best and highest goods. I also do not read minds.

I hope this gives some needed clarity. Be well. 🙂