My Beliefs About The Third Eye Chakra

Person Eye

I have seen a lot of posts recently about the third eye chakra and I just wanted to share my beliefs and knowledge on the subject.

  1. The third eye is already open and has been open since having been born/reborn. It does not need to be opened to experience a spiritual experience. We become aware of awareness, which could be considered an "opening" but it has always been there and open whether you we aware of it or not. Using spiritual practices, we become more strongly aware of our awareness. Some drugs have a similar effect but I do not condone such action.
  2. While psychic awareness is great, we have an entire chakra system which may be also in need of balancing. I used to be very third eye focused when I started on my spiritual path, but I realized that in order to have a more stable third eye awareness, I needed to work on the chakras lower and the one higher in order to have a stronger spiritual experiences. I feel there may be a tendency to be very third eye focused for many.
  3. I have seen a few posts about people seeking to open their third eye wider or to have a stronger experience. The best way in my opinion to have a stronger spiritual experience naturally, is to take a few minutes every day to breathe in and out for each chakra point and visualize or feel each chakra point open for each inhale and exhale you do. (If you feel dizzy, light-headed, etc. please stop and try again later. I want no one passing out.) Practice makes perfect and what you are doing is building awareness of your energy with this basic practice. Also by doing this, you become more attuned to intuitive visions and energies.
  4. A chakra that is blocked does not mean it is not flowing at all. It may just mean it is flowing a lot less or not as well than what it could be because of an issue. I get the the feeling that some feel a blocked chakra is a completely closed chakra.
  5. Decalisfying your pineal gland or third eye - while I have never tried these activities myself, I would be interested in trying them.
Please do not take my word as gospel. I am simply sharing my beliefs which I have experienced over my spiritual journey of 11 years and counting working with myself and other people. If you agree or disagree, awesome. Please tell me your thoughts on the spiritual energy system and your beliefs. I am open to new experiences and thoughts/beliefs. :)

Thank you,
Psychic Alex J.

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