Sea of Diamonds

It is interesting to me about what I feel enlightenment is versus what I think it is. I think enlightenment  requires us to move away and unattach ourselves from people and worldly possessions in order to find inner peace and understanding. What I feel enlightenment is, is more of a guideline for all people to in the world, but not of the world. All possessions, emotions, experiences, etc. are impermanent; to be learned from but not to be held on to and to enjoy but to ultimately release. This is where love and compassion play their roles because loving ourselves and others enough to be part of the flow of life peacefully without allowing ourselves to be caught in the illusion of attachment, we grant ourselves true liberation.

Consider it like holding on to a fistful of diamonds. These diamonds are important to you because they represent parts of who you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and materialistically. We hold on to these diamonds, identifying, "this is me." Over time some of the diamonds fall out of our hands and we end up picking up new ones and this happens throughout lifetimes. What we often miss is that we are always standing in an ocean of diamonds just beneath our feet, but are often too busy cradling the diamonds in our hands or seeking specific diamonds to notice. It takes courage to look beyond our hands. Make no mistake, the sea of diamonds does not invalidate or make worthless  the diamonds you are holding or identify with currently. On the contrary! They brought you to where you are so you could see the sea of diamonds for yourself.