A Message to Beginners and Seasoned Practitioners

Along my spiritual journey I have wanted very badly to improve my psychic abilities. Many times I would become frustrated over periods of time because I had not developed the psychic skills I sought for. I wanted to be able to see spirits with my physical sight, to hear spirits with my physical ears, etc. I wanted to be a very strong psychic and medium so that I could help the living and those who have passed. I succeeded in becoming a psychic and medium and have been reading for 12 years now. I'm happy with the work I do, but I'm always looking to become stronger spiritually.

Grayscale Photography of Man Sitting on Grass FieldI was reminded today during and after my meditation, that there is a reason why physical reality is so "loud" and why subtle or energetic reality is so "quiet." We are physical beings. I know, it's not a mind-blowing insight, far from. In order to be of effective service we need to take care of ourselves as physical beings. That said, the more we pay attention to the subtle/intuitive impressions the stronger our awareness of those impressions becomes. Sometimes it feels like I am either on one side or the other; living physically or living energetically. The balancing act is tricky but getting better day by day.

I'm writing this as a reminder to those who practice or are new, not to give up or get discouraged. The art of the psychic world is one of patience with yourself, the willingness to learn, the willingness to try, and being willing to be wrong. One of the best teachers is yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Let your ego have it's tantrums, acknowledge them and move on with a smile. The more you can be patient with yourself as well as willing to learn to receive, the more you will grow spiritually.

Thank you.

Alex J.