The Art of Doing Nothing

Some days I don't feel spiritual. I have knowledge and know I can do practices (meditations, visualizations, prayers, etc.) but my heart isn't in it. Then guilt sets in: "Am I a bad spiritual person? Am I hurting myself spiritually by not practicing daily? Am I setting myself back from reaching my full potential?" Despite sounding convenient, probably not. If I'm not emotionally invested in what I'm doing spiritually, the energy is going to feel the same; dry, boring, and/or forced. Instead of falling prey to guilt, having the understanding that I'm human and that I have off days like everyone else is humbling. I could jump the hoops of asking, "Do I have a energetic block?" but I follow the energetic flow that is my feelings which say, it's okay, just be Alex today. My spirit guides laugh at me often because I overthink situations. You can't fix what's not broken. My psychic abilities are working and can be of service to others, I'm just not in the spiritual mood and that's okay.

Have a good day. :)