What's Your Relationship with Love Itself?

What is your relationship with love? 

This was the question that occurred to me this morning as I was sitting on my couch this morning, sipping my coffee in my underwear. I honestly had never really considered such a question. Love is just a thing we do, right?

People do, fix, and fixate. We spend a lot of time doing life. Just like for me this morning. I got up, put on my underwear, and made coffee so I could be awake and ready for the day. I've done this a million times before. It's second-nature now. When we have problems of any kind; relationship, financial, career, among others we fixate on these issues even if its just in the back of our minds all day long.

How often though do we actually appreciate what we have, what we've been through, the people in our lives, etc.? Often times I find myself just doing and not leaving time to appreciate. Beyond that, I'm not giving myself the time to realize how much I actually have. This puts me at a distance with love in a way. To appreciate and feel kindness for the people in my life, the experiences I've had in my life, etc. allows me to bring more experiences and people into my life with love and joy.

Many times throughout my life like many others, I was told, "be nice." We are told this among other lessons. Being polite and nice become things we do. Sometimes we just don't want to exert that extra energy to be nice but we do anyway. This is where we get those reflex responses of, "good" when you're really not when someone asks,"how are you?" My point here being that by cultivating more love and appreciation, you can live more authentically. Love and appreciation gives us energy but also opens doors of possibilities and new connections with others as well as yourself.

Admittedly, I'm cynical/doubtful when other spiritual people say things like, "I have unconditional love for..." or "I love you all!" Um...you don't know me(?) and if you really did know me or many of the other people you're addressing on a grand scale would you really love us? Again, practicing appreciation and love quiets this inner cynicism and doubt.

Lastly, fear can't hold you if are in a state of love. Love is a state of allowance and flow. Nothing can stick or attach itself to you if you are in a state of love.

So my question to you all for the day is, what is your relationship with love itself?

Have a great day! :)
Alex J.