Casino Of Life

Your family welcomes you at the sliding glass doors and your overtaken by bright colors flashing lights, sounds, buzzers, bells, and the smells of a variety of foods.  The security guard gives you a wink and tells you to have a good time. Your money pouch is full of time. Your family takes you by the hand.  They lead you through the main part of this magical place and teach you how to play some of the games.

Your loved ones also take you to the buffet which has every food in the world. They may encourage you to try different foods while you are here, or may you decide to try some on your own. Either way, you learn what you like to eat, what's good for you, and what's not so food for you.

First, there was the card game of First Words where you learned how to talk, then there was the slot machine game of Potty Training which didn't pay well at first, but the longer and longer you played, the more it paid off. You put your time down and play for each game. Your parents lead you to your a card game called School and show you how to play. There are a lot of people at this table. In this game you play against the house but you have the option to play with or against other people at the table. You spend a lot of time here and make some good friends and perhaps even an enemy or two, but another game catches your eye; Driving.

You promise your you'll come back to School and play more, but right now you're interested to see what Driving has to offer. You go over and initially it seems very intimidating; big screen with a drivers seat and steering wheel. You're nervous, but you sit down at the game and play anyway knowing that it will help you get to to and from other games faster. You put in your time and learn the rules. Your loved ones sit next to you to guide you along, making sure you're safe. You learn all about car insurance, what kinds of cars you like, paying fines, etc.

A little later, you walk away from this game happy that you now potentially have faster access to other games in this casino. You go back to the School table and play a few more hands there. As you leave that table for what feels like the last time, you say goodbye to some friends and see you later to some others. You eventually find the Love and Relationships table which is a slot machine which you've played on and off. Sometimes you won and found a great match. Sometimes you lost and there was no one. Other times you won a mini-game called a Fling, and sometimes you may have won the jackpot; the Soulmate. You may have spent a lot of time here at the casino.

You see other games like College and Having Kids. You may or may not do these things. Those games determine whether or not other games open to you such as Parenting or Becoming a Doctor.

You eventually come across a slot game called Work which can pay consistently depending how you play. This machine also can take lots of your time but pays credits toward a game called Home of Your Own. Home Of Your Own is a card game which depending on how many credits you have from the Work game, determines what kind of home you live in, what kind of car you drive, etc. Your love ones can give you some of their credit that they've earned to help if they want. A portion of your credit can go toward the Retirement game as well. You notice your parents have been eyeing the Retirement table themselves. Eventually you don't see them on the game floor anymore. It's okay.

You realize you's spent a lot of time and you may have gone to or gone back to the College or Having Kids games. Your Work game character may change the more time you put in as well as your Home and the things within it. You still spend time at the Love and Relationships game trying to win or winning the Moments of Romance mini-game. You occasionally see your family playing their games and you visit with them. You may spend a lot of time on them too. Depending on your options and how much time you have spent you may play the Grandkids game too where you see many grandparents teaching there grand kids things, take care of them, and spoiling them.

You and potentially your significant other eventually reach the Retirement game which is nice, easy card game which can potentially give you credit toward many of the previous other games like Travel, Home of Your Own, Driving, etc. It also gives you time to reflect on all you've experienced. Your time is running out, but that's okay. You spend time enjoying the games and people around you. You may play the Write A Will game at this point because you care about your loved ones.

You've now run out of time. Your pouch is empty. You get up to leave. Your parents and all your loved ones meet you back at the sliding glass doors where you started. Someone else is there too they ask if you had a good time. They are the casino owner. Depending on what you played and how you played determines your answer. "I built this place because I love you and I've been watching you" says the owner, "It's always wonderful to watch people play no matter what they play or how." The owner smiles. "No matter what, you always get something out of playing here and I'm always here if you need anything. Play here again, won't you?"