Spirit and Ice Cream

As a psychic, I often forget but am gently reminded that Spirit, does not give messages to throw us off. Often times in readings the oddest details come up and the message clear: this is the client's ice cream flavor I'm serving and Spirit is my supplier. It doesn't have to make sense to me.

The messages that come through my consciousness, hardly ever make logical sense, but Spirit doesn't operate (for me) logically. Spirit operates through feelings and images all strung together with the intent of providing a message through love.

 Anyone who has had a reading with me knows I often ask, "does that make sense?" ;-)

So, maybe your spirit flavor is vanilla, maybe it's chocolate, or maybe it's moose tracks. In any case, Spirit isn't going to serve you vanilla one minute and hot fudge the next.

 It may give you a taste of french vanilla after a bite of vanilla, but no matter what Spirit knows both me and the clients I read. I trust it to serve the flavors needed to support our best and highest good.