"I'm Not Into That Kinda Stuff": How I Conduct Business

"I'm not into that kinda stuff."

This is a phrase I've heard often in my line of work. The people that use this phrase are typically people who are brought by someone who is interested in having a psychic or tarot reading. To me, it serves it's purpose; an energetic stop sign followed by skepticism or fear.

I'm here to say that I'm totally cool with that. I respect that. There is no reason to fear that I'm going to read you or give you a message unless you ask for one.

Unfortunately, people have had the experience of psychic's randomly approaching them telling them something about their lives, their future, or that their great aunt has a message for them from the other side. 

This kind of conduct is both rude and an invasion of privacy I feel. The person may not want the message, whatever it's about, and it may upset them. I have no desire to upset anyone. I am not for it or condone it. I am not after your money either but I do feel that compensation is fair if I'm giving my time and energy to assist you.

I only read those who express that they wish to be read.

Thank you,
Alex J.

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