About Alex

  • Get deep intuitive insights about your love life, your job, your life's direction, and much, much more.
  • Get healing information and techniques which allow you to overcome obstacles and blockages which keep you from living your life at your highest potential.
  • Connect more deeply with yourself and discover that you are so much more than you thought!

Hi my name is Alex. I'm a psychic from Buffalo NY,  and I would love to be in service to you. I am a deeply intuitive psychic who has been working professionally for over 10 years and counting with my intuition and spirit guides helping people just like you. I can aid you in many areas of your life including your love life, career, your spiritual life, and many other aspects.
I am someone who utilizes their psychic abilities to listen to my intuition and my spirit guides. I listen and can see the energies surrounding your life and the upcoming energies coming your way.  In this way, I am able to give you insight on upcoming events in your life as well as the possible energies aiding or blocking you right now.

Contact Alex today to schedule a psychic reading! You can also connect with Alex on Facebook at Psychic Alex J. or on Instagram at psychicalexj.