My Practices

  • Energy Reading - Everyone carries an energetic impression of the past, present, and future events which occur in their lives.  The contents of this energy can include connections to friends, family, and significant others as well as the emotional, mental, and physical energy of the person being read. The energetic impressions can come across to me as a metaphorical psychic image, a literal psychic image, or empathic emotional feeling. How such impressions come across is left to the devices my intuition, my spirit guides, and the Higher Power(s). If there is a blockage or something needs healing I am able to tell you what needs attention and how to overcome that blockage so you can live the best life possible.

  • Tarot Reading - A tarot deck consists of 78 cards which represent the 78 different aspects of your life. The tarot cards allow me to give you information based upon your question and intention during a reading. A tarot card can be read in a variety of ways. I allow my intuition to guide me when reading a  tarot card so the feeling of the card and the way it appears to me in the moment will differ from another time if the same card appears later. No two readings are ever identical. 

  • Mediumship - Mediumship is the practice of allowing spirits of those who have passed to give their messages to the person being read. These messages come across energetically (see energy reading). Typically the spirit will make themselves known by giving me intuitive impressions of what they used to look like, give me feelings of how they were connected to you (friend, mother, sister, lover, etc.), flashes of memories of when they were living, things they used to do or like, etc. Typically a message comes with this information but not always. Sometimes spirits just like to say hello and to tell you they are there watching and supporting your journey in this lifetime. Note: I do not ever let spirits speak through me directly during a reading. 

  • Past-Life Reading - Past-life reading is looking into a persons previous lifetime(s) in order to help the person move past an issue or blockage in their present life. We energetically carry things such as habits, talents, skills, etc. from previous lives to this one. Some of those talents and skills are useful. Habits such as gambling, drinking, etc. are not so useful and can be ended. Past-life reading is about growth and learning about the beautiful path which is your spirit's journey.

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