Schedule A Spiritual Consultation Or Psychic Reading

What is A Spiritual Consultation?

Spiritual consultant is someone who helps someone identify their spiritual blocks, discover their purpose, recognize their strengths, and help people build plans around their purpose which give them fulfillment and peace.

What Is A Psychic Reading?
A psychic reading is exactly the same to a spiritual consultation except we do not assist beyond answering what questions you may have.


A scheduling fee is in effect as of 10/1/18. There will be a nonrefundable scheduling fee of $20 made at the time of scheduling. That fee will be deducted from your total that is due the day of the reading. For example, if you schedule and an in-person consultation, what you owe after it is complete is $50.

The introductory spiritual consultation is free. Rate of pay is discussed afterward once you feel our service is a good fit.

In-person Reading: $70 an hour

Via Skype: $70 an hour

Email $65

By Phone: $70 an hour

For Seniors 65+: $50 an hour

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