"I loved having Alex read Tarot at my event! It was extremely accurate and he was amazingly intuitive. I will be hiring him again for sure. Not only did he have reasonable pricing but he was able to fit me in and work at my party even on short notice. I would recommend him for anyone looking to get a reading done. "
- Celina Bryan

“My main man Alex! Told me I was moving to a different state when I literally saw no end in sight. Well I moved have a wonderful new career and am so thankful that I stayed in the path of listening to you and your insight.”

- Dionrida

“I had my first reading done today and was absolutely amazed with the results. Alex is very insightful and helpful. I’ve been on the fence for months now about seeking guidance and clarity and I couldn’t be anymore thankful that I did. Thank you so much Alex!”

- Liz

“Whenever I have gotten a reading with Alex I always feel refreshed after. He has been my go-to psychic for the past couple of years and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reading or spiritual guidance! Not only are his readings accurate, but he has given me the tools to break ties with negative energies and aide me in opening myself up spiritually. His compassion, knowledge of the spiritual world, and honesty during the reading are what make his readings worthwhile. For those who haven’t been read by Alex yet all I can ask is, what are you waiting for??”

- Kristina

Thanks Alex! That was a great experience!!”

- Kathy

“Alex has given me multiple readings over the course of the last few months. He is patient, thorough, and understanding. He brings nothing but good vibes and advice that has left me thinking about the things I can adjust in my life. His professionalism is unmatched and I recommend anyone seeking a reading or life advice to give him a call!”


“Alex has a unique skill set as a psychic. He is empathic, meaning he is able to personally connect with and share the feelings of those he reads, while simultaneously maintaining strong personal and professional boundaries. Alex is a benevolent psychic, meaning he is mindful that his purpose is to help people and create opportunities for positive growth. My readings with Alex helped me gain clarity about my life and deepen connections with loved ones. Alex’s reading also empowered me to foster deeper connections with new people, which is something he noticed I was craving. Alex is truly insightful, mature, and kind, and I could not recommend him more!”

- Emily

“Alex J had a gentle way of delivering the messages and tuned into the information I needed to hear which helped bring clarity and provided guidance to my situation.”


“Alex is a very insightful and compassionate psychic medium. Expect to be amazed by his accurate reading and spiritual guidance!”

- Brenda

“I’ve gotten several readings from Alex. He always does his best to best to give me a positive outlook on whatever the future will show. Because of his readings, I’m able to find my grounding to prepare for whatever life may throw at me. Having Alex to turn to when I need to depend on the spiritual realm for strength has been a real blessing!”

- Bianca

“I have known Alex for years, since I was a kid! Alex has and continues to overcome all sorts of obstacles. He serves as an inspiration physically, mentally, and spiritually to all who know him. Recently, Alex and I reconnected when he advertised readings in a local coffee shop. After some catching up, he gave me a fantastic reading. It wasn’t just that he was accurate..he explained every piece of what he was doing and what the cards were revealing. It was wild the insight he unlocked through cards in such a short amount of time. I invited him to the Iron Island museum (a local haunted funeral home renovated into a museum). Upon discovery that Alex was a talented medium, the team conducted a ghost hunt in various rooms of the museum. He was able to pick up on and communicate with a range of spirits. The team was so impressed that they have invited him back for another ghost hunt! I only hope I make the cut!”

- Mackenzie

"I have known Alex for many years and his readings have always been very accurate. Not only is Alex a great psychic but he is also a great teacher. He’s very likable and very down to earth. He is my “go to guy” when I need some spiritual guidance in my life."

- Barbra

"I definitely recommend! He helped me y’all to my best friend who passed away in June. I finally got closure and he was very helpful!" 

- Callie 

"Alex was great! My reading was very clear and optimistic. Alex is friendly and bright so it seems like you are chatting with an old friend! I came away from my reading feeling understood and excited for what's to come. Would definitely recommend." 

- Madeline